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Rev Ops - Remote Best Practices for Running Projects - What Are You Doing?


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    Sophia Francis


    I love all of your ideas! I work in a team - so I am the Rev Ops person, I have a dev, an admin, and a project manager. We are 100% remote, so we have a lot of great practices that were in place before this tragedy hit. Here are a few:

    - Daily Standups: We start the day talking through projects: Active, Upcoming, and Completed by each of our clients (you can do this for in house teams to and categorize by project)

    -Shared document tool: We use Notion, I have also used Quip in the past. It an easy way for us to all collaborate on the same documents without having a crazy google drive (that drives me nuts!!)

    -Water Cooler!! 3x a week we have 30-60 minutes carved out in an open zoom meeting (not mandatory) to have 'water cooler' conversations. This has been huge in helping a team spread all over the US and Canada get to know each other VERY well. Sometimes team members will suggest a topic, other times we just chat. Monday's was very Tiger King focused :) 

    -Slack: We have project channels which help with quick updates. I always make sure we use slack in the best way possible - if its something that needs action, its better in email. If its something you would tell someone in person in passing that doesn't require action - slack is a great place. Plus we have fun channels: Meme's, Kudos *love this one, Music, and Bingeworth. 

    Can't think of more off the top of my head but I know there are lots!! Would love to hear some other creative ideas :)

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