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Campaigns - or lack thereof with Attribution


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    David Walker

    Hi Sophia, LeanData Attribution does rely on the Campaign and Campaign Member object to calculate Attribution - so a company looking to implement LD Attribution would need to plan to use both Campaigns and Campaign Membership.

    The great thing about LD Attribution though is that you can absolutely import older campaigns and relevant engagements (i.e. campaign membership) into SFDC and leverage this data instantly within Attribution.  To do this, you would want to one of two things:

    1. Use 'Back-Dated' functionality in LD Attribution. As part of LD Attribution product, a custom checkbox field is created on the Campaign object which means that Attribution will use Campaign's 'Start Date' instead of the date they were added to Campaign (campaign member created date). This works brilliantly when importing older campaign data into SFDC, but is also really helpful for events (e.g. getting a tradeshow list days or weeks after the event).
    2. Use a custom date/time field on Campaign Member. LD Attribution allows you to use a custom date/time field which will be used to determine when the touch took place instead of standard Campaign Member date field.

    In terms of getting the Campaign and Campaign Member data into SFDC, the most common ways to do this would be to: either leverage existing integrations with your marketing automation tool to push Campaigns and Campaign Membership to SFDC, or use Data Loader to load data into SFDC.

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